Where to start the 'Ask Your Learner' conversation

Use Your Voice

Parent teacher conferences. Chatting in the hallway. Phone calls. Even when you run into families at the supermarket (yikes!). Don't let tech get in the way of using your (real) voice.

"Great to see you! Today we learned about polygons. Be sure to ask your learner for some examples of everyday polygons."

On Social

Use the hashtag #AskYourLearner and a conversation prompt or starter on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or pretty much anywhere that supports hashtags!

"Today we built a model of the water cycle. #AskYourLearner about why the water cycle is important."

Via Email

If you email daily or weekly updates to families, give them "Ask Your Learner" prompts for each subject or unit to spark conversations at home between learners and families.

"Today we read the last chapter of 'Edward Tulane.' #AskYourLearner which change Edward made was their favorite and why."

Here are some conversation starter suggestions...

English and Language Arts
Social Studies and History
Social and Emotional Learning